Tuesday, 24 September 2013

#MXP Stupid bleedin private investors

Today Max Petroleum issued a RNS relating to the new takeover code coming into effect at the end of the month. All the RNS stated was that they would be complying with the code. Here it is to read:


and here is another one similar to this issued by Beacon Hill resources yesterday:


But for some reasons many BB posters decided to take this simple RNS as a sign that Max is about to be taken over and get all excited about that. Goodness knows why they interpreted the above in this way - maybe it's a full moon or something (or maybe just completely desperate to sell out of Mxp) but either way I can only assume that this RNS is purely an admin formality and Mxp are no closer to a takeover than they are close to finishing the NUR-1 drill. Now on that subject how long do we think it will be before we get news on that???????................2014?

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